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The ground floor of Phoenix Place contains a sanctuary, home to the Parkdale United Church and a number of other faith communities.

When Phoenix Place was built in 1976, the United Church congregation continued its mission, but lost much of its landmark presence in the community when the old sandstone cathedral was torn down.

The redevelopment will provide some welcome changes and opportunities for the Parkdale United Church:

  • Relocating the church entrance from the side of 171 Dunn Avenue to the north-west corner of the building (where the Enter sign shows on the sketch).
  • Designing the entrance to provide some historical references to the old church.
  • Enlarging a social gathering or fellowhsip space for members of the several congregations that use the Sanctuary.

For more information about the Parkdale United Church and Phoenix Place, visit these links::Parkdale United Church and Phoenix Place.

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