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The Foundation began the project with the help of the Parkdale-Liberty Economic Development Corporation [PLEDC], a community development organization interested in the development of green affordable housing in Parkdale. Both the Foundation and PLEDC contributed pre-development funds and resources for the project.

It is worth noting that much of the success of the project in accessing funding has hinged on the Green Phoenix orgnanization's strong community ties.

Through the Integrated Design process and through a Community Consultation Committee, community input continues to shape the Green Phoenix project.

The new development will change many things about Phoenix Place, and provide new resources and opportunities for both residents and for the community at large. Some of these are:

  • Added amenity space for Phoenix Place residents, including a new laundry facility, and improved access to existing spaces.
  • Added amenity space for community uses such as a community kitchen, food bank, and other program space. The best uses of these new spaces will continue to be discussed at the Community Consultation Committee and in the Integrated Design process.
  • Improved outdoor spaces, with plans for community gardens and outdoor gathering and relaxation aras.
  • An environmental showcase that will increase understanding of sustainable building practices, and further the case for more green affordable housing.

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