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Green Building

Green Phoenix is designed to be affordable, preserve the health of residents, conserve natural resources, and reduce both energy and transportation costs. These benefits are accomplished by:

  • An integrated design process that involves the entire community.
  • Building with sustainable materials, that is, locally-produced and with low embedded energy.
  • Using materials such as carpets, paints and mould-resistant finishes to reduce health-endangering toxins.
  • Reduced fossil fuel use through solar or geothermal power.
  • Installing water and energy saving fixtures and appliances.
  • Locating buildings and equipment close to existing services and public transportation.
  • Reduced storm water run-off by collection or dispersal on site.
  • Reduced construction waste and garbage after occupancy.
  • High quality indoor air.
  • Owner and resident training and education.

The Green GlobeTM Standard

Green Phoenix intends to design the project to obtain Green GlobeTM "Gold" certification. Green GlobesTM is a rating system for green construction that originated in Britain and which is gaining acceptance in North America. Credits are awarded for satisfying all of the above goals. The development team intends to demonstrate that affordable housing can be built economically if properly designed from the beginning.

A community resource

  • Green Phoenix is intended to be a “green construction” resource to the entire community.
  • The entire development and construction process is being videotaped. One or more videos will be produced after occupancy to be made available to other groups planning vironmentally-conscious developments.
  • The finished project will have plaques and signs describing the ‘green’ features.
  • This web site will be maintained to document the construction and green performance of the completed project.

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