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Integrated Design Process

Plans for new construction and renovation have evolved through discussion with various stakeholders, technical consultants, and the Foundation, in an Integrated Design Process (IDP). The IDP began with a 2 1/2 day design charrette at the end of January 2005. Then, over a series of meetings, the design team reached a agreement on a master plan and specific goals for the project. This laid the groundwork for a more detailed design and cost estimate for the project. (Visit the   Documents  &   Minutes page for some of the design documents, including the Design Charrette Report).

In a more traditional design approach, the client would give direction to the architect, who would in turn create a master plan and pass along requirements and guidelines to other technical consultants. The IDP has the advantage of getting maximum input ahead of time and from all stakeholders, producing a master plan that has had input from everyone at the front end of the process. The master plan guides the detailed design decisions in such key areas as:

  • building structure
  • location of services and utilities
  • energy sources for and performance of heating, cooling, and hot water systems
  • energy performance of the building envelope (walls, doors, windows, roof)
  • electrical-mechanical systems
  • landscaping elements
  • storm water management
  • waste management
  • building life/safety and security systems
  • universal design elements (accessibility)

The resulting design considerations for Phoenix Place will be measured against the Green GlobeTM standard.

See the Project Design page for the detailed design results, including information about the new building and retrofit features, their costs and benefits.

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