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Mission and Mandate

From 1889 to 1976, a large sandstone cathedral was home to the Parkdale United Church, on the southeast corner of King West and Dunn Ave.

In 1973, faced with rising costs and a changing community, the congregation created the Parkdale United Church Foundation (PUCF), a charitable non-profit organization.

In 1976, the church built a 137-unit apartment building, Phoenix Place Apartments. These apartments are home to many who would otherwise find housing too expensive or difficult to obtain, including persons who are new to Canada, who have been living in shelters or sub-standard housing, or who lack the resources to find decent shelter elsewhere, Phoenix Place is known for its excellent management and peace and quiet, and currently has a three-year waiting list.

For more information about Phoenix Place and affordable housing, click here.

In 2002, the congregation renewed its mission and mandate and decided to add new and larger units, and to carry out this work based on the principles of sustainability, or “green construction”.

Phoenix Place continues to be home to the United Church congregation and several other congregations in the Sanctuary, and also provides space for community groups and individuals hosting various events in the Banquet Hall.

In December, 2007, the Foundation completed construction work on the renovation of Shalom House, an adjacent property at 1339 King West, 10 new units of affordable housing were added. At the same time, contractors installed a geo-thermal heating and cooling plant to replace the site's aging boilers and to prepare for other retrofit work. Please see other pages on this site for more information about the project.

For more on the history of the Parkdale United Church, visit the website at http://www.parkdaleunitedchurch.com

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