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Parkdale United Church Foundation Inc., a non-profit charitable organization, is the owner and operator of Phoenix Place. The Foundation has a Board of Directors composed of nine Parkdale United Church members and three members from the community. The Foundation is the legal body responsible for the project and directs its progress. The ongoing and day-to-day work of the project is delegated by the board to a project development team.

Green Phoenix Development Team

The Green Phoenix Development Team composition has changed to meet the needs of the project at different times. Team efforts first focused on initial design and feasibility, and an environmental assessment of the site. The focus then shifted to securing planning approvals and core funding for the project. As the project evolved into taking a phased approach, mostly due to funding constraints, the team's composition and some of the consultants have changed.

Core Members of the development team include Foundation directors, a Project Coordinator, PUCF staff, and consultants. 


  • Steve Hilditch (Hilditch Architect) --- www.hilditcharchitect.com
  • Cobalt Engineering (Sustainability) --- www.cobaltengineering.com
  • CDML Commissioning Agent --- www.cdml.ca
  • Setpoint Controls (BAS)--- www.setpoint.ca
  • Halsall (Structural) --- www.halsall.com
  • The Mitchell Partnership (Mechanical) -- www.tmptoronto.com
  • Algal (Electrical) --- www.algal.ca
  • Brad Peterson (Landscape) --- www.bradpeterson.ca
  • Environmental Management Group (Environmental assessment)
  • Rod Layman (Project Coordinator)
  • Predrag Milenkovic (Property Manager)

Ad-Hoc committees and specialized groups

  • The Community Consultation Committee was formed of neighbours from Dunn Avenue, Cowan Avenue, and King Street, plus representatives of neighbourhood organizations, including the Parkdale Residents’ Association.
    This committee porovided input into the design process for amenity space, and preparations for community meetings about the project.
  • A church design committee has been formed of four congregational members (so far). They will meet with the architect to re-design the church space for greater visibility.
  • The Integrated Design Team, composed of technical consultants, development team members, and community members, held a series of meetings in May and June 2005, building on the work done by the Design Charrette in January 2005. The technical consultants are now refining these design concepts into detailed drawings and specifications in preparation for construction.
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