A Brief History

Our Story

In 1973, faced with rising costs and a changing community, the congregation created the Parkdale United Church Foundation (PUCF), a charitable non-profit organization.

In 1976, the church built a 137-unit apartment building, Phoenix Place Apartments. These apartments are home to many who would otherwise find housing too expensive or difficult to obtain, including persons who are new to Canada, who have been living in shelters or sub-standard housing, or who lack the resources to find decent shelter elsewhere, Phoenix Place is known for its excellent management and peace and quiet, and currently has a three-year waiting list.

Our Mission

“It is our mission to be home to people whose options may be limited by poverty, disability, age or other unjust cause through the provision of affordable, clean, quiet and safe shelter.”

About the new site

Rent below $700

Currently, 146 apartments are on-premises, mostly bachelor units with average rent below $700 without government subsidies.

Affordable Housing

Continuing over four decades of service in the community, through the proposed infill development, PUCF is addressing the evolving need for affordable housing in the South Parkdale neighborhood.

Retain Existing Building

PUCF is proposing to demolish 1337 and 1339 King Street West to develop new affordable rental housing and will retain the existing apartment building at 1355 King Street West.

Building on Success

Building on the success of the Green Phoenix project, PUCF’s new development reflects a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible community building.